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Bridge And Snow

26th Bushcraft Semester Course Begins This Weekend

This weekend we begin our 26th semester program. Today I’m packing up the truck and canoe trailer. Tonight I’ll be watching my kids perform in a play, and tomorrow I’ll be heading to the field school. It will be a challenging beginning to the course because the dirt road in from the pavement is still […]

Tinder Bundle Blowing

Bow Drill Class – Self Reliance Workshop Series

The next workshop in the Self Reliance Workshop Series is on lighting fires using a bow drill. It takes place May 14th in Ossipee, New Hampshire. You can sign up or get more information on the GALA website.

Fishing Below Allagash Falls

Fly Fishing Tonight, Self Reliance Workshop Series

I’m packing up my gear and headed out to our fly fishing workshop in an hour.  It’s part of our monthly self reliance workshop series we’re running with GALA.  We’ll be going over gear, knots, casting and as much about fish habits and bugs as time will allow. So far this workshop series has been […]

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Around The Fire

Principles Of Wilderness Survival Podcast | JMBP-E03

Podcast on practical wilderness survival based on what you need to know, what you need to do, and what you need to carry in order to make it through a survival episode. Tim Smith outlines how we approach the topic of survival at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School in this talk that has been given […]

Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft Knife Hype

If you eat a great meal at a restaurant, is the type of spatula the cook used responsible for the taste of the food? If you see a beautiful house, how important is the type of hammer the builder used to the final structure? If someone has a beautiful website, do you ask them what […]

Building A Dome

Gear Review: The Windpouncer Jacket

The Windpouncer jacket is the premiere wind and rain layering system jacket I’ve ever encountered.  Three layers of ultra-thin imagi-foam stand between you and the elements ensuring you stay warm and dry, and your hands are sure to be warm in two large slash pockets lined with their proprietary “cold-be-gone” spun polyester… OK, this is […]

Quad Pod Shelter

Seven Points For Beginning Bushcraft

There’s a lot of information about bushcraft on the web, but much of it is focused around equipment and celebrities, not knowledge and experience.  If you’re just getting started, here are seven things to keep in mind. 1.  It’s not about the gear.  We did alright for 99% of human history without all the latest […]

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