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Wild Food Walks

Edible Wild Plants Of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

  2013 Program Info:
 • Session 1: 6/30
 • Session 2: 7/7
 • Session 3: 7/14
 • Tuition: $25 per session
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Have you ever wondered which wild plants are edible? How about which ones are nutritious and taste good? If so, join us on a wild food hike. You'll learn about edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful plants from around the region of Northern New England and the surrounding states and provinces.

We will be identifying and sampling a variety of wild foods from the fields and forests of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Participants can expect to dig cattail roots, pick berries, identify trees and flowers, and more.

Each of the three sessions will involve different locations and different resources. Our goal is to have minimal overlap.

Participants should download, print and bring a copy of our book First Person Ecology. Printed copies are available as well. To record the plants we cover, we recommend either a small dry erase board and a digital camera to photograph the plants with the name included in the image, or clear contact paper and note cards to press specimens. Also bring a water bottle, snacks, rain gear, etc., and whatever you need to be comfortable.

Session 3 (7/14/13) will run from 12-3 and will meet at the parking area at the dead end of Knights Pond Lane in Wolfeboro, NH. Plan to arrive between 11:45 and 12:00. We will be exploring the pond and wetlands and will be digging cattail roots amongst other things. Plan to get wet and dirty. See map below.

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